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Parish Council: Visioning and Strategic Planning

Finance Council: Stewardship of Parish Resources

Our Pastoral Plan

Saint Daniel Church: Vision, Mission and Legacy

Our Vision.  Saint Daniel Church . . . looking upward in faith, moving forward in hope, leading onward in love . . . to new life in Christ!

Our Mission.  We are a faith community or prayer, learning and service.  Come and join us as Intentional Disciples of Christ

Our Legacy.  Wonderful people started our parish.  Wonderful people helped it grow.  Wonderful people will keep it going for years to come. 
Thank you for all that was, all that is, and all that will ever be!  Through the intercession of Saint Daniel the Prophet, may we give God all the glory!

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Parish Strategic Plan

Administration Covenant

Stewardship Report

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Offertory Collections at our Parish

Sunday Collections: Thank you for your weekly church donations in the white envelopes.  Your kind gifts support the spiritual, educational, and charitable ministries of the parish community.  Whether through the regular offertory collection or online giving, we thank you for your generosity!  We do not charge fees for baptisms, weddings, funerals, vigil lights, or Masses.  Thank you instead for your regular offertory donations!

Second Collections: Each month, there are three envelopes for the first, second, and third Sundays: parish debt, diocesan charities, and parish charities.  Please note that all the diocesan collections are scheduled for the second Sunday of each month for your convenience.

  • Parish Debt: On the first Sunday of each month, we donate to the parish debt.  We still owe the diocese over $370K for the extensive roof and parking lot emergency repairs that were completed some years ago.
  • Diocesan Charities: On the second Sunday of each month, we donate to various diocesan charities.  July: Retired Priests Fund / August: Annual Parish Assessment / September: Diocesan Magazine Subscriptions / October: World Missions Fund / November: Campaign for Human Development / December: Retired Religious Sisters and Brothers / January: Latin American Missions / February: Eastern European Church / March: Catholic Relief Services / April: Holy Land Collection / May: American Home Missions / June: Peter’s Pence Fund
  • Parish Charities: On the third Sunday of each month, we donate to our various parish charities, especially Saint Vincent DePaul.  So, thank you for your use of the second envelopes for all these worthy causes.

Special Collections: Thank you for your special donations at Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.  From time to time, there are other collections for emergency disasters and other worthy causes, as coordinated by the diocese.  Thank you again for your gracious support of our parish and of our diocese.  Finally, thank you for your support of the annual diocesan appeal as well.  God bless you!