Religious Education for Grades 1-8

Karen Gulvas, Education Director:
Judy Badger, Education Secretary:

Our Vision. Our vision is to create a vibrant Catholic community where religious education grades 1-8 thrive through dynamic Catholic catechesis, evangelization, and faith in action. We aim to empower students to deepen their faith, actively live out their beliefs, and become compassionate ambassadors of Christ’s love.  

Our Mission: Our mission is to educate, evangelize, and empower individuals in their Catholic faith. Through catechesis, evangelization, and faith in action, we inspire deep understanding, share the Good News, and encourage practical expressions of love and compassion. Together, we build a community rooted in Christ’s teachings and committed to making a positive difference in the world.


Children’s Program. Our children’s grade school religion program meets on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m., as scheduled from September through March.  Parent meetings are held monthly during these class times.  Our eight-year program requires anyone who has missed any part of our program to make up for that material by independent study and examination by our parish education staff.  Otherwise, sacraments may be delayed.  First Confession and First Communion are usually celebrated in second grade.  Besides the classes for students, and the monthly parent meetings, there are additional meetings for second grade students and for their parents.  Confirmation is usually celebrated in eighth grade.  Besides the classes for students, and the monthly parent meetings, there are additional meetings eighth grade students and for their parents.

Registration and Scheduling. Information about the current year’s schedule of classes and current tuition rates can be found in the documents library on the right side of this page.  Financial aid is available.  Registration is held in the spring in preparation for the fall start of classes.  This is necessary for the ordering of the right number of books and materials for the students, as well as for the recruitment of their catechists.  If a student has missed any part of our eight-year program, their registration for a particular grade level is contingent upon a covenant for independent study and examination by the Education Director.  New students who were NOT baptized at St. Daniel Church need to provide their baptismal certificate.  Thank you for letting us help you share your Catholic Christian faith with your children through participation in our parish grade school religion program.  Together we can help form the next generation of Catholic Christians. 


First Confession / First Communion Program

The First Confession and First Communion program is a two-year process for children in second grade. They must attend religious education classes in both first and second grades to be eligible for the sacraments. First Confession is celebrated in the first semester, and First Communion is celebrated in the spring of second grade. Parent and child sacrament meetings are required as part of the preparation.

Confirmation Preparation Program

Confirmation is celebrated in eighth grade.  Attendance in grades 7 and 8 is required to receive this sacrament.  All Parent and/or Child Sacrament Meetings are required.