Adult Formation

Overview of Ongoing Adult Formation

Our Vision.  Our ongoing adult formation programs are designed for parishioners who have completed their sacraments of Christian Initiation, and for adults who wish to complete their sacraments of Christian Initiation in the Catholic Church.  Faith development is a life-long learning process within a parish community that prays together, learns together, and serves together.  Please come and join us as Intentional Disciples of Jesus Christ!

  • Adult Education:  In addition to our local programs, our parish promotes adult education events and activities provided by the Diocese of Joliet and neighboring parishes.  For more information, please go to, or send an email to

Our Program.  Although most people think about classes for children when they hear the words “religious education,” we all know that we cannot live our whole life based just on what we learned in grade school.  This is even more the case when it comes to practicing our religious faith in these challenging times.  Please check out what we offer at our parish and what we promote through our parish.

Parish Adult Formation Opportunities

New Life in Christ: All of us are called to a deeper relationship with Christ in the community of his Church.  Please click here for information about experiencing New Life in Christ.  Also, please consult the Resources page of our parish website for inspirational resources to help you grow in faith, hope, and love, through prayer, education, and service.  Here are some of our local parish offerings to help you experience New Life in Christ.

  • ChristLife Course: ChristLife helps people to discover Jesus Christ personally, to follow Him in their daily lives as Catholic Christian disciples, and to share Him with others.  For more information about this New Evangelization course, please visit the ChristLife page on this website.
  • Prayer Partners: Small groups of parishioners meet together regularly for prayer, faith sharing, and support in daily Christian living.  For more information about these small church communities, please click here, or send an email to 
  • Pastor’s Forum: Our pastor hosts his own Prayer Partner’s meeting, which includes prayer, a spiritual teaching, and discussion time.  For more information about times and places, please go to, or send an email to
  • Bible Study Program: Catholic Bible Study meets at various times throughout the week.  There is also a diocesan-based Biblical Institute for our parishioners to consider as well.  For more information, please send an email to
  • RCIA Convert Classes: The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) prepares people for the Sacraments of Christian Initiation.  RCIA is for adults who wish to be baptized, to become Catholic, or to complete their sacraments.  For more information, please go to

Other Parish Programs: Each year, our parish schedules various inspirational programs at our church, or in conjunction with other local parishes.  We also promote prayer partners and spiritual direction as part of our Adult Formation program.  We welcome new ideas and suggestions for our ongoing Adult Formation offerings.  For more information, please contact the parish education office.

Other Dimensions of Adult Formation

The New Evangelization:  Our adult formation programs are only secondarily about sharing information.  The primary goal in adult formation is the new evangelization.  Once we appreciate the “who” and the “why” of our faith, we can better understand the “what” and the “how” of Catholic Christianity.  Please click here for more information about the New Evangelization in our parish.

Spiritual Direction:  If you are interested in exploring Spiritual Direction as a dimension of your growth in Christ, please click here for more information.  Spiritual Direction is more than counselling or coaching – it is Spiritual Accompaniment in the ways of Jesus Christ.  As Intentional Disciples, we have a two-fold vocation: to holiness of life, and to missionary outreach.  Spiritual Direction helps us discern our religious calling in this regard.

Religious Education: It’s not just for children anymore.  It was never intended to be just for children.  From another perspective, all of us adult children of God need to grow in faith, hope, and love, through prayer, education, and service.  Please join us in this spiritual journey by becoming involved in parish life and by participating in our parish ChristLife course as well!  For our core message, please go to

Protecting God’s Children:  Adults who work with children or vulnerable adults in our parish in any capacity are required to take this important diocesan program and to undergo required background checks.  To enroll in this program, please contact the parish office directly.  Providing a safe environment is a major emphasis of our entire diocesan community.  Please contact the Diocese of Joliet for more information about Protecting God’s Children.