Preschool Program

Karen Gulvas, Director / 630-384-0137 /

Bible Kids Preschool is a partnership with parents as early childhood educators and provides children an opportunity to discover the uniqueness given to them as a child of God.  Our program focuses on the principle that children learn through hands-on experience (play). The hands-on experience includes:

Fine Motor Development – The children participate in many fine motor activities during class time. Manipulative play is important as to gain strength and coordination of their hands.  

Language Development – Being able to communicate with appropriate words, being able to comprehend and follow directions.  Children engage in music, finger plays, and prayer to enhance their language development.

Social Development – Learning appropriate interactions with others, taking turns, sharing, treating each other with kindness and respect.

Gross Motor Development – Opportunities to run, ride bikes, climb, bouncing-throwing-catching a ball, and free play are available every day.  The children participate in an indoor gym for approximately twenty minutes daily.

Cognitive Development – Learning math concepts such as number recognition, counting, and values.  In addition to knowing the upper and lower case letters, the children participate in activities such as sorting, classifying, sequencing, and beginning phonics.  In the four/five year old class the children are able to read/sound out basic site words and the majority of the children are beginning to read when they complete the pre-kindergarten program.

Faith Experience – The children pray at the start of the day and at snack time.  Bible stories are presented daily and Jesus is the focus of both Christmas and Easter.

Schedule:  Preschool begins the Monday before Labor Day and ends the last week of May, before Memorial Day weekend.  Our program is held from 9:15 a.m. until 11:45 a.m. for children ages two (by September) through pre-kindergarten.  Families may enroll for a minimum of two days or the maximum of five days.  Families have the opportunity to select what days their child will attend the program.  Tuition is paid monthly.

Online Registration is open to new families for the next school year on the first Monday in February at 10:00 a.m.. Children are welcomed into the program at any time when space is available. For more information, or to visit our program, please contact Karen at, or call her at 630-384-0137.