Week 5: Why Is The Resurrection So Important?

IT IS ALL ABOUT LOVE: “Why Is The Resurrection So Important”   

          To this point in “Discovering Christ,”  we have explored why our Father in Heaven created us.  We have seen that we were created for a purpose to live in and with our Father in Heaven in a loving and intimate relationship.  We saw how through our pride we rejected that invitation to this relationship by our rejection of the love of the Father through our sin.   As a result of our sin, we caused ourselves to become separated from the Father, a separation we could not bridge by ourselves.  No matter how many good works or deeds we performed, no matter how much we gave up, there was no way we in our present state could reunite ourselves with our Father in Heaven in that loving and intimate relationship we were created for.

          In our last session, we discussed “Why we are in need of a Savior.”  We saw how our Father in Heaven refused to accept our rejection of him and made it possible for us to be reunited with him by the sending of his Son, our Lord, and Savior, Jesus the Christ, to suffer and die in atonement for our sins.  Prior to his crucifixion, Jesus spent three years in ministry proclaiming his New Kingdom, working many signs and miracles and building personal intimate relationships with his disciples with whom he would entrust his Church here on Earth.

          In this weeks video, Dave speaks to the fourth leg of the Kerygma, that not only did Jesus suffer and die in the offering of a perfect sacrifice in atonement for our sins, but that on the third day he rose again thereby defeating the powers of sin and death here on Earth and enabling us to reenter into a new and more intimate relationship with our Father in Heaven through the resurrected body of Jesus himself.

          Dave shows us how this fact, that Jesus rose from the dead is the primary proclamation of our Faith.  Dave points to the following in support of this proclamation:

  1.  By His Resurrection, Jesus validated all he had said and done during his ministry.  Jesus had stated on a number of occasions that he would be put to death, but also that he would be raised on the third day.
  2. Through the Resurrection, we are shown that through the suffering and death of Jesus, the Father has forgiven all of our sins and has offered us a new life with him through Jesus.
  3. It is through this new life in Jesus that we are sent out into the world to share this Good News with all with encounter.
  4. Jesus Resurrection secures the promise of everlasting life and our own bodily Resurrection.  Jesus returned to us in a glorified state one that awaits us on our own Resurrection on the last day.

          The Resurrection of Jesus made for a new creation for us.  It enables us to die alongside of Jesus to the ways of this world and all its sin and death.  It enables us in our Baptism to be raised up with him into the Body of Christ itself and in unison with the Body of Christ to live out the life Jesus laid out for us, drawing all we encounter to him.   It allows for our reunion with the Father in a more intimate and loving relationship than we could have ever hoped for.  The Resurrection is our promise of everlasting life.  Will we say yes this time?

Discussion Questions:

  1.  What was a significant point from Dave’s talk for you?
  2. When the subject of death comes up in conversation, what is your reaction?  What do you believe happens when a person dies?  What fears surface when you think about your own death?
  3. How might learning more about Jesus and his resurrection change the way you understand the meaning of your own life? The life or death of a loved one?
  4. Why did the resurrection change everything for those who followed Jesus?  How does the resurrection change your thoughts about the future?
  5. If you were one of Jesus’ followers and knew of his crucifixion and burial, would you have believed the story or think it was a fabrication?
  6. What relevance does the resurrection have for your life, if any?

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