Welcome to Saint Daniel Catholic Church!  We are a faith community of prayer, learning, and service.  Please join us as Intentional Disciples of Christ!  Together, let us look upward in faith, move forward in hope, and lead onward in love to new life in Christ!  Our parish RCIA Convert Course will help you to discover Christ in your life, to follow Christ in his Church, and to share Christ with all people of good will in your daily life.  The acronym RCIA stands for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, but we prefer to just call it our parish convert course.  Welcome to our Saint Daniel Church parish community!

(1) Our convert course starts with the basic message of Catholic Christianity.  Although the technical name for this basic message is the Kerygma, we prefer to just call it the Core Message of our Faith.  Please go to www.StDaniel.org/New-Life to reflect on the Kerygma of our Catholic Christian Faith.

(2) The prerequisites for our convert course includes joining our parish community by attending Mass here each week, getting on our parish mailing list, and attending our adult formation programs for Catholic Christians.  Please go to www.StDaniel.org/parish-info for more parish information.

(3) Our convert course starts in September each  year and concludes after Easter.  For more information, please go to StDaniel.org/Catechism.  You can also send an email to RCIA@StDaniel.org or Catechism@StDaniel.org to set up an introductory meeting with the pastor for this course.

(4) We recommend that you also attend our annual ChristLife course, which has three segments, for the fall, winter, and spring.  For more information about the ChristLife course, please go to www.StDaniel.org/ChristLife.  The ChristLife course is at the heart of our parish adult formation program.  

(5) Finally, we recommend that you read the My Catholic Life! series of booklets in preparation for our convert course.  Please click here to access them online, or purchase hard copies of these booklets from your favorite online bookseller: My Catholic Faith!, My Catholic Worship!, and My Catholic Morals!

Becoming a Catholic Christian.  We welcome people into Catholic Christianity when we discern, in consultation with them, that they are spiritually ready to make a personal commitment to embracing a Catholic Christian lifestyle.  If you are not Catholic, if you are Catholic but have not completed all your sacraments, or if you are a Catholic who wants to more fully embrace our Faith, this course is for you!  Welcome to Catholic Christianity!  Welcome to Saint Daniel Church!