Ways to Belong to our Parish Community

Welcome to Saint Daniel Church!  We are glad that you are here!

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How to Join Saint Daniel Church …

Being a Catholic Christian: Please check out the special “Welcome to Saint Daniel Church!” slide show, located on this web page, to learn more about our church and the many ways for you to belong to our parish community.

Regular Membership: Please click here if you wish to be on our monthly mailing list.  Please select this option if you want to actively participate in our many regular parish programs, activities, and events.  We are glad that you are here, and look forward to seeing you in church each week!

Associate Membership: Please click here if you wish to be on our seasonal mailing list.  Please select this option if you just like to pray with us at Mass from time to time.  We are glad that you are here!  We hope that you will come here often, and consider becoming a regular member.

Open Membership: Our parish welcomes all who come to worship here regularly.  Although our official parish Parish Boundaries are rather limited, we have always warmly welcomed people from the wider local community to our parish as regular or associate parishioners!  There is a place for you at St. Daniel Church.  Once again, welcome!

New Life in Christ: All of us are called to a deeper relationship with Christ in the community of his Church.  To discover more about growing in faith, hope, and love through prayer, education, and service as a Catholic Christian, please click here.
Welcome Program: New and returning parishioners are invited to our parish welcome program.  Active parishioners are also invited to attend this program to review the essentials of our Catholic Christian Faith.  For information, please click here.