Environmental Landscape Rejuvenation Project

Fostering Environmental Stewardship

St. Daniel the Prophet Church, a cornerstone of faith and community, embraces a profound commitment to both the environment and the local community. Currently, the church is embarking on an essential landscape rejuvenation project, focused on combating the invasive buckthorn species. This initiative not only aims to revitalize the surroundings but also invites everyone to learn more about buckthorn removal and contribute to the cause.


St. Daniel Church’s landscape rejuvenation project seeks to transform the church grounds into a thriving ecosystem that reflects the beauty of nature. Central to this mission is combating invasive buckthorn, a non-native plant species causing harm to local flora and fauna.


Invasive buckthorn, an introduced species from Europe, poses a significant threat to native plants and wildlife. Its rapid growth and dense foliage outcompete other species, disrupting the local ecosystem. By removing buckthorn, the church aims to restore balance and promote biodiversity.


St. Daniel Church’s landscape rejuvenation project showcases its dedication to environmental stewardship and community engagement. By combatting invasive buckthorn and fostering biodiversity, the church exemplifies how collective efforts can create a sustainable future. Join St. Daniel Church on this transformative journey to protect nature and strengthen our sense of community. Together, we can make a lasting difference for the environment and generations to come.


If you would like to volunteer, please contact be clicking on “Volunteer”.


If you wish to contribute financially toward this effort, you can do so by visiting our donation portal by clicking “Donate”.


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are always needed. However, we are in great need of people to help us drag the already-cut branches to our parking lot for the chipper service.