Week 2: Who do you say Jesus is?

            Let’s set a scene.  It is Sunday morning and you enter into the Church to fulfill your Sunday obligation to attend Mass.  As you walk into the Narthex you are greeted warmly and handed a bulletin with the Scripture readings contained therein.  As you enter the nave of the Church, you may or may notice the tabernacle and the red light near it.  You walk to your pew, genuflect and wait for Mass to begin.  People around you are kneeling, deep in prayer, others are browsing the bulletin, still others catching up with their neighbors whom they have not seen since last Sunday.  And then the bell rings.

            Do we fully comprehend what is about to happen and what we are about to engage in?  Do we understand that we are about to enter Heaven on Earth?  Do we realize that we are about to have our Lord and Savior Jesus, the Christ proclaim his words to us in the Liturgy of the Word?  Are we prepared to have the events at Calvary re presented to us during the celebration of the Mass along with all the angels and saints and other hosts in Heaven?  Are we ready to accept the fact that ordinary bread and wine will be transformed into the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus himself and that we will receive Jesus in during Communion?  Do we fully comprehend that at the end of Mass we are told to “Go out into the community and make disciples of all those we encounter and to return them to this celebration in the future?

            In Week II of our ChristLife videos, we will be asked the questions, (1) Who do we say Jesus is, and (2) Why does Jesus Matter?  In our first session, we were asked the questions, what is the meaning of our lives and what is our Father in Heaven’s plan for us.  At the end of the first video, Dave introduced us to the proposition that God our Father sent his only son Jesus to us to answer these questions.  Dave told us that if we truly want to know God in Heaven and to share that special relationship that we were created for, it would be through Jesus that all of this would be fulfilled.[1]

            This week Father Erik will present us with his reasons which convinced him that Jesus who is who he said he was. 

  1.  It is documented that Jesus commanded nature, he walked on water, he calmed the seas, he fed thousands from a few loaves and fishes….
  2. Jesus raised the dead on at least three different occasions, he claimed to be able to forgive sins.
  3. No one in the history of man has affected the cultures of the world in the manner Jesus has.
  4. Jesus claims to be God.  No other religious leader has ever claimed to be God.
  5. Finally, Fr Erik looks to individuals whose lives have been impacted by their relationships with Jesus and how this relationship has forever altered their lives.  He looks to the joy radiating from these individuals and asks who else can so affect an individual?

            C.S. Lewis in pondering these questions made the observation that Jesus is either a liar, a lunatic or the Lord as he says he is.[2]  If he is a liar who would believe him after two thousand years.  If he was a lunatic, why would he still have the following he has today?  And if not a liar or a lunatic, then he must be the Lord.

            This week we are asked to answer these questions for ourselves.  Do we accept Jesus as the Son of God, our Lord and Savior?  This question cannot be answered only in the philosophical sense.  We need to answer this question in the context of the questions we were asked last week about the kind of relationship we were created for and the Father’s plan of salvation for us.   If we truly believe that God’s plan of salvation for us is through his son Jesus, I ask the question, “Why are we not in awe of Jesus?”  In the upcoming weeks we will look to What Jesus Wants us to Know in week three and Why we need a Savior in week four. 

            For this week I would like us to focus on what is it we really believe when it comes to Jesus?  Do  we really comprehend the magnitude of believing that he is God and that he is present to us each day at Mass, in his Word, his Preaching, his sacrifice on the altar and in the gift of himself to us in Communion?  How do we foster a personal intimate relationship with him?  Do we read his word daily?  Do we go to Mass as often as we can?  Do we receive the Sacraments, of the Eucharist and Reconciliation on a regular basis?  Do we have a daily prayer life with him?  Am I really in awe of Jesus and how do I show it?

Discussion Questions for Week 2

  1.  What was a significant point from Fr. Erik’s talk for you?
  2. What did you think about the “man on the street interviews.”
  3. Imagine someone approached you on the street and asked, “Who do you believe Jesus is?”  What would you answer be?
  4. How has your opinion of Jesus changed over the years?  How might your understanding of Jesus change in the future?
  5. Does Jesus have an impact in your daily life?  If Jesus does impact your daily life, describe some of the ways He does.  If he does not, do you hope for this to change?

References: [1] 1 Corinthians 15:22 USCCB [2] C.S. Lewis “Mere Christianity” 1952

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1 thought on “Week 2: Who do you say Jesus is?”

  1. Connie Jesukaitis

    The most significant thing that Fr. Eric’s talk was to let Jesus out of that safe space and proclaim HIm as God, worthy to be worshipped as Savior of the world. The man of the street interviews illustrate that people have general ideas of who Jesus was, but not so much who He is today. Jesus is closer to me now after years of Eucharistic feasting. It took a long time, and yes, I’m accusing myself of tip toeing around who Jesus is in proclaiming Him as Lord. The video left me thinking about how to converse with my son who is falling away from the faith. He’s drifting and I see that there are words that can be said.

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