Evangelization Resources

The New Evangelization. When we know our faith, love our faith, and live our faith, we want to share our faith with others.  Evangelization is how we invite others to experience the difference that Christ has made in our lives, so they can experience it themselves in their own lives.  

Here are some helpful resources for evangelization.  We invite you to take the ChristLife course which spiritually prepares us for evangelization.  For more information, please contact us at ChristLife@StDaniel.org.  In the meantime, please check out the various resources on this webpage.

Foundations for Evangelization

Diocesan Vision: Please click here to learn more about our Diocesan Vision and how it is being implemented through the ChristLife course at our parish.  We are all about “Catechesis, Evangelization, and Faith in Action.”  Come and join us as we help make our Diocesan Vision a reality in our parish!

Spiritual Reset: Please click here to press the Great Spiritual Reset button for our church.  Open your hearts to Christ, illumine your minds with Christ, and empower your wills for Christ so that, when we emerge from the catacombs of this pandemic, we will be ready to move forward!

Everybody’s Religion: Please click here to discover why you cannot not have a religion, no matter how vocally you claim otherwise.  Religion is whatever holds your life together.  Religion is the bridge between your highest ideals and your practical everyday life.  What’s your religion?

Practice Makes Perfect: Please click here to learn how practice makes for perfection.  If we practice the teachings of Christ well, we will be well on our way to fulfilling Christ’s command that we become perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect.  How is God perfect?  Read this essay to find out!

Spiritual Pathways: Please click here to find out if you are on the right path to heaven.  The roadmap of worldly values will not get us to our ultimate destination.  Christ is the way to heaven because he is the truth and he gives us a life that is truly worth living, both now and hereafter.

Spiritual Lifestyle: Please click here to learn about the Catholic Christian lifestyle.  Then make a personal commitment of your life to Jesus Christ as your God.  When you know the “who” and the “why” of faith, you can embrace the “what” and the “how” of a truly spiritual lifestyle.

Formation for Evangelization

ChristLife Course:  Please click here to learn more about the role of the ChristLife course in the New Evangelization at our parish.  Come for the experience, stay for the journey, and go forth on a mission through the ongoing ChristLife course at Saint Daniel Church!

Pastor’s Forum: Please click here for information about  the Pastor’s Forum, held on most Monday evenings during the school year.  Explore our Catholic Christian Faith more fully so that you can know it, love it, and live it, in the ordinary circumstances of your everyday life.

Prayer Partners: Please click here to learn about our new initiative to gather parishioners into small sharing groups who support each other in prayer, learning, and service.   This is another component of our Great Spiritual Reset after the great pandemic of 2020-2021.  Please check it out!

Follow the Catechism: Please click here to find out more about how the Catechism helps us to commit our lives to Christ, understand the message of the Scriptures, and cherish the Sacred Tradition of the Church he founded.  The Catechism is our guidebook to heaven.

Unity Training: Please click here to discover the relationship between unity and diversity.  When we discover our common ground in Christ, people come together in faith, hope, and love. Current diversity training accomplishes just the opposite of this.  Become one in Jesus Christ!

Catholic Basics: Please click here for the basic Catholic teachings that we share with our grade school parishioners in preparation for their sacraments.  Test yourself on these basics.  Then enroll in one of our parish adult formation classes to know and live your faith even better!

Fidelity for Evangelization

New Life in Christ: Please click here to encounter the “who” and the “why” of Jesus Christ, so that you can appreciate the “what” and the “how” of our Catholic Christian Faith.  When we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, we behold all things in the light of Christ’s teaching.

Core Issues: Please click here to get behind the pressing issues of our day, and delve deeper into the real issues that confront us not only in this life but also in the life to come.  Enough with superficialities!  When we resolve our core issues, our secondary issues are seen in proper context.

Critical Grace Theory: Please click here to discover how God’s grace is so critical to understanding our human predicament and our need for salvation in Jesus Christ.  Systemic atheism, rampant corruption, and unbridled narcissism are not the last word.  Christ is the saving Word and our final revelation.

Eucharistic Coherence: Please click here to learn more about what it means to be in communion with God, and in communion with his Church.  This authentic spiritual communion prepares us for worthily receiving Holy Communion during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as Catholic Christians.

United States Grace Force.  Please click here to find out about the USGF.  More of a strategy than an actual movement, the USGF is one way of understanding our role in promoting the New Evangelization.  Let us do our part in the reconquest of the world for Christ our God!  God wills it!

To Judge or Not to Judge: Please click here to evaluate your ironic judgment about not judging.  How did you arrive at that judgment about judgment?  Since we cannot avoid make judgments, we ought to judge well — that is, we should judge by God’s standards rather than by human standards.

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