Eucharistic Coherence

Eucharistic Coherence is about the way we live and the way we pray.  Receiving Communion is an admission that we are forgiven sinners who need God’s grace to continue living our lives as faithful Christians.  To worthily receive Communion, three things are spiritually necessary to obtain the blessings of this holy sacrament, and to avoid the spiritual consequences of committing further sin in our lives.

  • First, we are faithfully living our daily lives according to the beliefs and values of Catholic Christianity as explained in the Catechism.
  • Second, we have been absolved from serious sin through sacramental Confession and a recommitment of our whole life to Christ.
  • Third, we have spiritually prepared ourselves for receiving Holy Communion by prayerfully fasting for at least an hour beforehand.

In other words, we need to be in spiritual communion with Christ and his Church in order to worthily receive sacramental Communion.  Our inner private life and our outer public life need to be congruent, not just for the sake of receiving Communion, but for obtaining our eternal salvation.  So, it is truly an act of charity which compels us to emphasize this spiritual issue of personal integrity in regard to worthily receiving Communion.

As we are actively working through these spiritual issues in our personal lives, we may come forward for a blessing from the priest instead of Communion.  We indicate this request by placing our hand over our heart when we come forward, but this blessing is no substitute for actually resolving these spiritual issues.  Please contact us at for spiritual support and guidance in this regard.  God bless you!

For more information about being in full communion with Christ and his Church, please check out our parish spiritual resources: New Life in Christ, The Great Spiritual Reset, the ChristLife Course, and Critical Grace Theory.  You may also spiritually benefit from exploring, and  As forgiven sinners ourselves, we reach out to all people of good will with the gospel of repentance and new life in Christ.

For more information about Eucharistic Coherence, please click here to read Bishop Olmsted’s pastoral letter, “Veneremur Cernui (Down in Adoration Falling).”  Click here to read Archbishop Cordileone’s pastoral letter, “Before I Formed You in the Womb, I Knew You.”  Click here to read a message from Archbishop Aquila and here to read a message from Bishop Paprocki.  Also, please click here for an insightful commentary by Dr. Ralph Martin.

Finally, while the American Bishops are drafting a new document on Eucharistic Coherence, please click here to read their 2006 statement on the same topic.  Why a new document at this time?  Because today some people are falsely claiming that devout Catholics can be pro-abortion, among other things.  Such a challenge to our faith cannot go unanswered, especially when it involves the preeminent moral issue of our time, the sanctity of human life!