Young Adults

News about Young Adult Ministry across the Diocese of Joliet


We have heard a couple of suggestions for new initiatives in the Diocese. If you would like to make this happen, join the conversation! Just reply to this email and let us know your ideas or suggestions.

Theology on tap/ Formations Series All Year Round
During our wonderful theology on tap sessions, many participants suggested to have these types of events all year round throughout the diocese. This can only be possible if groups/parishes are willing to be hosts.  Will you be interested in making this happen? Let’s start the conversation! Yes, we will provide speakers.

Sports/Hiking events.
A couple of people have reached out regarding softballs leagues, hiking/ running/kayaking events/activities that we could work on as a diocese. Do you know anyone interested or is it something your community will be interested in being part of? Let us know! We can set a date early 2019 to brainstorm how this can look like.

Action Nights- Evenings of dialogue and opportunities for action
The Peace and Justice diocesan office, would like to offer this in hopes of discussing various “hot topics” in a respectful and safe area. Speaker and moderator will be provided. Would you like to be part of the team? Will your community/parish be interested in hosting this?