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ChristLife Retreat: Who is the Holy Spirit

IT IS ALL ABOUT LOVE: “Who is the Holy Spirit”      

          In our last session, we discussed the importance of Jesus Resurrection.  We saw why it was important that Jesus had to die on the cross to atone for all the sins ever created by man.  We saw how his death was the perfect sacrifice in that dying as God, his love for us was perfect atonement to the Father.  In dying as a man he died as one of us.

          The sacrifice on the cross was only the beginning of God’s new plan of salvation for us.  Yes, by his death Jesus wiped away all the sins of the world, yet by his resurrection, he led us into a new creation.  Just as Jesus rose into a glorified body, his resurrection enables us to be reborn as children of God sharing in the Trinitarian love that exists between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

          Prior to his death, Jesus explained to the Apostles that he must leave to enable the Holy Spirit to come to all men.  The Holy Spirit has been defined by St. Augustine as the love flowing between the Father and the Son.  We believe in a Trinitarian God, consisting of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  A simpler definition of God is “Love.”  God is love, perfect unadulterated love.

          We were created to share in the love our God has for us.  We reject that love by our sin.  It was out of this love that Jesus came to us, suffered, died and rose for our sins.  On Pentecost Sunday the Holy Spirit, God’s love itself,  was sent into the world to make perfect that which was not perfect, us.  It is this Spirit, God’s love itself that is poured into us in the Sacraments, in the Eucharist and in our celebration of our liturgies.

          In our Baptism, we take our old selves, those selves broken and tainted by Original Sin and put them up on the cross we Jesus.  Our old selves die with Jesus and we are raised up with him into his New Creation, one in which we are given the opportunity to fully share in the Trinitarian love of the Father, Son, and Spirit.  In our first few sessions, we learned how each of us was loved individually by the Father who personally calls us to join with him in a special and intimate relationship through his son Jesus Christ.  We have been told that if we know and love Jesus we will know the Father.   All we have to do is to say yes to the graces, the love that our sponsors promised we would assent to during our Baptism.

          In this video, Dave challenges us to question whether or not we have ratified these promises made for us.  Have we accepted the fact the without Jesus we will continue to live in the world of sin and death?  Have we accepted the fact that it is only through the love poured into us by the Spirit that we will be able to enter into the New Creation of the Resurrection?  Have we made our relationship with Jesus, the most intimate relationship of our lives?   When will we fully ratify the promises made in our Baptism?  When will we fully accept the love so freely offered to us?

Discussion Questions

  1.  What are your expectations for this retreat?
  2. What struck you most from Dave’s talk?  What points were new for you?
  3. One of the primary works of the Holy Spirit is revealing that you are personally known and loved by God the Father.  Do you believe that you are personally love by God? Have you had an experience of God’s love before?
  4. Have you experienced the Holy Spirit working in your life? How?
  5. Are there parts of Dave’s testimony that relate to your life?
  6. Later during this retreat, we will have a time of prayer for renewal of our Baptismal graces (the Holy Spirit).  Do you have any questions about our time of prayer?

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