RENEW: Be My Witness Program

Schedule for the Be My Witness Program

Fall 2016: Introduction to the New Evangelization

Winter-Spring 2017: Parish Leadership Training

Fall 2017: Small Group Discussions, Part One

Winter-Spring 2018: Small Group Discussions, Part Two

For information about RENEW, please refer to the Sharing page of this website.

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The RENEW small groups are just the beginning of our parish small group sharing program.


Renew Program

Evangelization Matters!

Sunday Matters!

Welcome Matters!

Belonging Matters!

Witness Matters!

Mission Matters!

You Matter!

Saint Daniel Church . . .

Looking upward in faith,

Moving forward in hope,

Leading onward in love,

. . . to new life in Christ!

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Renew Matters!  Please click here for information about how Renew matters.